Nokia is one of the most famous mobile phone companies of all time. Many types of mobile phones are available at present, but the demand for Nokia phones has never decreased. Recently, from the Nokia blog and twitter, a news is revealed that they are going to bring a new magical phone. The specialty of this phone is it will contain a physical keyboard. This news was confirmed after having a conversion with Neil Broadley, who is a member of the Nokia mobile phone team. Mainly, this news was revealed through an image which was displayed in the Nokia blog.



In the picture, we can see a small part of the phone screen and the hardware keyboard. The color of the phone is expected to be yellow as in the picture. It has a polycarbonate shell which is similar to Nokia’s Lumia series windows Smartphones. If everything goes right, this will be the first ever Nokia phone which will contain a hardware keyboard. It is also guessed that the phone will run of windows like the Lumia series.


There is also confusion about the certain series of this upcoming mobile phone. Some pundits guessed that it will be released under the Lumia series when some other thinks that this phone will be a new addition to the Nokia Asha series. There is a certain reason for that. Same type of pictures was revealed through a twitter account named @evleaks. There were three upcoming Asha series mobile phones on that picture colored in red, green and yellow. That’s why it is thought that the new phone containing hardware keyboard can be the new member of the Asha series.

The price and the other features of this phone are not revealed yet. This phone is hoped to be released on 24th of April. However, there will be a lot of competitions for this in advance. The local companies are providing Android Smartphones in quite cheap prices. Samsung is also coming with the new Rex series. So, there will be a interesting battle between them later this month.