In the age of digital cameras, there is nothing easier than to make a lot of photos. In no time, you may end up with a mountain of pictures that will now need to analyze, edit, etc. No matter what you decide to do with the photos, but before that, you’ll probably have to spend with them, some extra work.
Some of the most common image edits or resize, rename, format conversion, color correction, and so…
You can do manual editing of such a large number of photos. Do not waste your time, just download one of the 7 best free software for batch image editing tools listed below, and start batch image editing!

batch image editing

XnConvert (Windows, Mac, Linux):

XNConvert-batch image editing

XnConvert is a very powerful tool for batch image editing, it allows a change in the size of the image, or just a batch file renaming, XnConvert manages to do it all at once. However, despite its power, XnConvert is very easy to use application. Drag your image to the tab «Input» and add the action, located in the tab «Actions». Action can be anything from image resizing, rotation, watermarking, to add a watermark, filters, borders, and play with the color palette. XnConvert handle everything. In the tab «Output», you can create new file names (XnConver does and batch renaming), select a folder to save the processed image, set the file format, and more. Download from official Site:


PhotoMagician (Windows):

Photo Magician-batch image editing

PhotoMagician although not as powerful as XnConvert, but it offers its users several unique features. PhotoMagician’s main function is to batch resize, but you can also use it to add some basic effects and for converting files to several popular formats. You just have to select start and end folder, then apply one of the available profiles to resize or create your own. PhotoMagician includes profiles of the size of many popular devices, such as iPhone, iPod Nano, Sony PSP and others. In the tab «Conversion Settings» you can add simple effects such as sepia or gray scale, change the angle of the image, and more. A nice feature of the program is the ability to choose the image that size, file size and date modified file. PhotoMagician has 17 different languages! After installation, you can safely change the interface language. Visit Homepage:


IrfanView (Windows):

IrfanView-batch image editing

IrfanView – excellent image viewer and editor that I have used for many years, for some time now includes a very stylish batch image editing tool. Batch editor of IrfanView can help you to resize, rename images, convert and update multiple files. There is, however, one drawback. All these functions are not easy to find. After installing and running IrfanView, go to «File -> Batch Conversion / Rename». This will open the editor, where you can immediately start working. Look at your images at the top of the window and drag it to the bottom area. You can also choose between batch conversion and batch renaming, or you can use them both. Click on «Advanced» for further options. In general, tools, batch editing program IrfanView is pretty powerful, so you can use them to fine tune image colors. Download from official Site:


FastStone Photo Resizer (Windows):

FastStone Resizer-batch image editing

I use FastStone Capture as their primary tool for screenshots , now that there was FastStone Photo Resizer, I’m thinking of installing it on your work computer. Unlike Capture, Photo Resizer is absolutely free and, despite its name, is able to do more than just change the photo size. Photo Resizer includes two main tabs: Batch Convert (Converting) and Batch Rename. Unfortunately, you can not make FastStone do these two things at the same time (at least, I could not get him to do it), which makes the communication with the program a little uncomfortable. In the tab «Batch Convert» You can easily customize the format of your output files, and pressing the «Advanced Options» menu with additional options. Here you can resize, rotate, adjust color, add text and watermarks, and do almost anything you can only think of. After selecting all the options, you can save the settings to a file, in order to be able to use them again without manual intervention. If you want to rename a file, you will need to restart your edited photos to the tab «Batch Rename» and already there to make the process of changing names. Download from official Site:


Picasa (Windows, Mac):

picasa-batch image editing

If you use the Picasa Photo Viewer as a loader then there is nothing easier than to make some edits files, especially if you’re already in it. There are several possibilities for batch editing of files, but not all of them are made from a single location. To batch resize, quality and batch adding watermark, you can select photos and choose “Export” at the bottom. This opens a dialog box in which you can perform the necessary operations. For some packet filters, such as rotation or rename, press the “Photos -> Batch Edit” All that you check here will be applied to all selected photos. Visit official Homepage:


BIMP (Windows):

bimp-batch-image-processor-batch image editing

BIMP is one of those programs where you just have to bite your teeth to get to the desired option. Although it’s worth it, because the BIMP is known as a fairly effective batch editor. But before we get to it, let’s look at the installation process. BIMP comes with an installer Softsonic, who is trying to establish not one but two additional programs. You can give them up, but to do be sure to pay attention to it during the installation, and not mindlessly poke on the “Next” button. After successful installation, you will finally be able to use BIMP on your computer. Though BIMP interface could be better, but you can use it to select the resize images, add custom watermarks, apply some common filters and even rename files. File renaming tool, is particularly strong, and if you need to replace only the elements of the file, add a certain prefix or suffix, to register all of the letters in lower case, it is the application that is best able to perform these functions. Visit official Homepage:


SunlitGreen BatchBlitz (Windows):

batchblitz-batch image editing

This is another program in a series of hidden installers, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) Inside it hides a rather powerful batch processing. When installing BatchBlitz be very, very cautious, because the installer will attempt to “push through” additional program Babylon will confuse you with Registry Cleaner. Simply reject all of these additional “buns” and get a clean image editor.

BatchBlitz is very comfortable to use: Start with the opening of a new session of the Blitz-through «File -> New», top find the desired image and add it to the main window.
Then switch to tab «Actions» to make changes, such as changing the size of , rename, convert to another format, auto-contrast, rotation, and many others.
After adding the action, you can double-click on each of them in the box. At any time you can save the session and use it again and again. In general, the program works fine. Visit official Homepage: