6 in 1 children games by PopAppFactory is very good free of cost games on ios platform specially for children’s.

6 in 1 children games

The main advantage of a 6 in 1 children games is that despite some of the limitations in the proposed game, it is an excellent free book that is easy to carry away for any child under the age of 2 years and up to 99. Everyone will find something to do. At the same time PopAppFactory introduces a potential buyer with all the range of games in one sitting.

Now let’s get to the actual games. Almost all of them combined single style of execution in the tree. A very interesting and pleasant appearance the decision, and the appropriate is sound effects. Although, in contrast to the full versions of music in the collection is completely absent, and I would like to at least one uncomplicated melody. Moreover, as I recall, in Tangram Puzzles was beautiful music.

The idea of ​​the game is simple – to put wooden figures from geometric shapes, as in the classic Chinese puzzle. You can do this with or without a clue. As part of the demo version you can add a few figures. With each new game they change. After completing the first stage of the game gently pushes to purchase the appropriate button in the menu, and if no action is taken within a few seconds, the pressure will increase, because the application will automatically give a section describing and advertising applications. One click of a button, and the transition to the App Store, one more click, and the full version is already loaded – simple.

6 in 1 children games

The logic – its educational game for children. For example, my 2-year-old son was thrilled and without too much trouble guessing where and how a board with a letter must be placed. The demo version has only one level – “Letters.” The full version will also help your child deal with color, numbers, shapes, and develop memory, finding the same pair of images on the playing field.

Logic Advanced : is a kind of next level after the “logic” and is aimed at older children. In the demo version of the child will be able to practice addition and subtraction, as well as the full study multiplication, roman numerals, and geometric shapes. Once again, note cool graphics and animation.

Find pair picture : The name of the game speaks for itself. Colorful and entertaining application will allow your child to  develop his/her memory. The demo version has only a very simple box 4×2 (four paired images), but the full game will offer more advanced versions of the fields 6×4 (12 pairs of images), 8×5 (20 pairs of pictures). Each picture is made ​​public and has an accompanying text, voice and the system of rewards (when guess the phrase from the first time), even adults like me. In addition to several levels of complexity in the full application is the ability to add your own note cards from the gallery.

The most patient reader who are reading through this line waiting for a little surprise. You should know that this in this May holiday PopAppFactory reduced the value of all their games up to $ 0.99. So if you have small children i recommend you to try or buy this game “6 in 1 children games collection of children’s games”.

6 in 1 children games is available to download from itunes  : [box_download]http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/6-v-1-sbornik-detskih-igr/id492192891?mt=8[/box_download]