We’ve entered the digital age where nearly anything can be controlled with the touch of a finger: “push to start” cars, one-click bank transfers. Now, with the development of home automation you can remotely monitor your residential property. Internet providers have further enhanced these services by incorporating features that can be accessed through their broadband networks. If you’re not familiar with what exactly home automation does, allow me to clarify.

automate your homeHome automation gives you the option to merge any one of the following systems—energy controls, surveillance systems, TVs, thermostat, electronic devices, and appliances—into one central location, typically in the form of a smartphone or tablet. Basically, any household activity can be integrated into this system. Below are the top 5 reasons to automate your home. You may be surprised by the versatility and the benefits available to your finances and your family.

Cut Utility Costs

If you’ve ever opened your utility bill and been shocked by the balance, you may be the perfect candidate for a home automated system. Homeowners save an average of 10-25% when they automate their lights, thermostat and other home energy components. However, experts recommend not automating things like heaters and fireplaces for safety reasons.

Set it and Forget it

Although it’s already the official motto for the Showtime Rotisserie, the “set it and forget it” phrase also applies to home automation systems. You can easily configure the big appliances that experts recommend you unplug whenever possible (refrigerator, microwaves, TVs).

Home Security

Many home security systems incorporate a home automation component. For example, FrontPoint Security has a program with mobile capabilities and energy management which is run entirely through your cell phone. You can turn appliances on and off from anywhere while simultaneously monitoring the security of your residence. Broadband Expert, an independent review site, compares the best companies in the industry based on service, price, and satisfaction. Check out this review of the best home security systems which include home automation as part of their package.

Energy Conservation

If you’re not interested in the cost aspect or the added safety and security, then switch to a home automation system for the environmental benefits. These products significantly reduce power consumption and are good for the environment. Just by configuring your homes lighting to dim by 25%, you’ll reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1019 lbs. That equates to over 425 lbs of coals.

Adds Value to Your Home

Realtors agree that home automation systems add value to a home. Although home appraisers don’t generally add the cost of the equipment to the appraised value, it’s still a big selling feature for potential buyers. So if you’re looking to stand out among other homes for sale in the neighborhood you may want to consider home automation.


Home automation systems are the latest and greatest additions to home security, energy management, and control. If you haven’t done so already, consider installing one in your home.