Smartphones are always smarter because you can do any type of function from it just by installing suitable applications in it. You can use VPN in android to connect and browse internet securely, anonymously.  In this post I will share a list of 5 best VPN Apps for android that really worth. Before going to see the apps, first discuss what VPN is.


What is VPN?

VPN is virtual private network. Which connect physically and geographically separate networks with the help of internet.

The main benefit of VPN is that, you can connect to a secure network with your local internet connection. You can manage your privacy, hide real IP address. With the help of VPN you access databases, files and folders, websites, printers securely. You can use the VPN functionality in your android phones and tablets.


5 best VPN applications for android:

1)      Droidvpn

This is free android application from DroidVPN Inc. You can use this for making secure connection over internet. This application requires Root access hence non-rooted users don’t waste time in installing it. Free service offer you 100mb per day on free server with some limited speed. You can purchase premium service to remove the limitation of free account. Check its features.

  • Download Link-Google Play store: DroidVPN


2)      Hotspot Shield VPN

This free apps comes for PC, android and iDevices too. You can enjoy the VPN service free of cost with this application. It provides unlimited bandwidth with free. With the help of Hotspot Shield VPN you can connect to internet securely and access blocked site by you internet service provider. It supports android 2.0 to 2.3.7 version. This will protect you online from identity theft.


3)      VIATUN

This VPN application provides high speed, non restricted ad secure web access from your android device. No special setting required, you just have to install it and create a free account with it. It works with Wi-Fi and all mobile network very well.


4)      OpenVPN

One of the favorite VPN app provider. They had a most popular PC application for same and for android too. This free VPN tool requires a root access to your android device then and only you can run it. It is simply powerful. You need to install BusyBox android app to correctly configure this.


5)      PandaPow VPN

This is premium VPN provider app. You will get speed and quality but not free. It is most stable, secure and easy to use. It is able to unblock websites in US and UK.


This is guest post by Tushar Thakur. He writes at Technology Blog in UK .You can write guest post on Vgizmo.