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If You Love Recycling, You’ll Love This

Encouraging people to get involved in recycling and doing their bit for the environment is all well and good, but many believe that ‘going green’ just involves putting their plastic bottles in the correct bin and separating their food waste from their general waste. While it is

Things you should know before buying a flat in Chennai

Chennai, the Detroit City of India has really coming up with the huge potential for the real estate market to flourish in coming years alluring the investors with high return on their investment. Before investing, just keep these things into consideration so that your smart moves get

If You Buy Any Gadgets in 2014, Make It These 4

We purchase technology in order to improve our everyday lives. In order to do that, we look for items that are convenient, affordable, and most of all, useful. In developed societies, we want to save time and stress, making us willing to spend money to do so.

Wired Internet vs. Wireless Internet — Which to Choose

A World without Internet — doesn’t it sound fishy? Yes, of course and we know it. We’re now living in a world where internet has become a necessity for all and everyone among us makes use of internet, either directly or indirectly. Its reason is simple enough

Nubia Z7 Max ready for sale

ZTE is a leading Chinese mobile brand launching innovative solutions available to an average user. The smartphones by the brand are cheap, durable and well made not to mention the software and hardware stuff under the hood. Now the global mobile community is waiting for the next