New apps are being released all the time. So much so, that it can be hard to keep track of what is new and fresh and which apps might be useful, which you could do without. Well, the following new additions are well worth checking out as you can actually earn some extra cash with these innovative creations.

  • Easy Shift

Easy ShiftGot a bit of time on your hands to do some odd jobs? If so, then Easy Shift will give you a list of tasks which need completing. Some are online jobs, such as participating in a poll, which you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Others are location-based, such as taking photos, researching prices, etc. These tend to be better paid, but either way you can find local-based errands and complete them for cash.

  • Shopkick

ShopkickIf you’re a shopaholic, then this is most certainly the app for you. Participating stores include the likes of Macy’s, Target and Old Navy. Basically, once you’ve downloaded the app, you will earn ‘kicks’ just by entering participating stores, browsing their items and of course by purchasing any of their products. Once you’ve earned enough ‘kicks,’ you can redeem them for gift cards, prizes and get priority access to new products.

  • ESPN Streak for the Cash

ESPN Streak for the CashHere is one for the sports fans and despite the name, you can keep your clothes on! All you need to do is to make predictions for upcoming sports matches in ten different sports. The more you correctly predict, then the bigger chance you have of cashing in on a monthly jackpot prize of $50,000. There is a convenient streak-o-meter which lets you know exactly how you’re doing.

  • Gym Pact

Gym PactPrefer to actually do some exercise rather than just watch sport? Or need a little encouragement going to the gym? Gym Pact participants pledge to go to the gym for a week and get paid $0.50 or $0.75 each time they make good on their pledge. Fail to go and you must pay anything between $5 and $50, depending on your pledge. The forfeit goes towards paying all those who fulfilled their gym pledge. Gym Pact could just be the key to keeping fit.

  • CasinoEuro

ccasino euroThis app gives you the chance to earn some serious money. CasinoEuro is one of the leading online casino platforms with jackpots worth millions. It can now be downloaded straight to your iPhone or Android. Just scan the barcode and you will have instant access to some of the most lucrative slots on the market, including Tomb Raider and Major Millions.

  • iPoll

If you have an opinion about anything and everything, this app allows you to monetise your thoughts through basic market research. You might be asked to watch videos and give your opinion or take a traditional poll. Alternatively, you can also be asked to visit a local service provider and give your feedback. Most missions take just three minutes to complete and pay $1, but there is a $5 bonus just for signing up.

  • Check Points

Check PointsThis app allows you to earn points while you carry out your daily errands. Check in when you enter stores, cafes, restaurants and malls and earn more by scanning specific items. It may take a while to start earning a significant number of points, but once you do they can be cashed in for air miles, gift cards, etc.