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Micromax Starts Receiving Pre-bookings for Canvas 4

Micromax Canvas 4 was unveiled a few weeks back and now it’s ready to receive pre-orders listed on company’s own website. The official specifications of this smartphone are yet to confirm. We’ve not received any update listed in other website regarding the specification of this phone. Micromax

Windows 8.1 Preview

Some of the biggest news in the tech world is the pre-release version of Windows 8.1 called Windows 8.1 preview. It is a small look into what is in store for Microsoft customers in the future and while only a sample, offers robust features that really provide

Why should you prefer Kindle Fire over others

Tremendous growth acquired by the technology world has made its effect in majority of daily life sections, even minor ones. Reading is also such a section indeed! Rather ‘Reading’ has been converted to ‘eReading’ whereas ‘Books’ got converted into ‘eBooks’ when internet started to influence the reading

Samsung’s Next Generation Tablets Available for $199 in US

Samsung has been pretty keen on releasing their upcoming 3rd generation tablets over the past couple of months. They’ve already introduced 3 tablets of different sizes and they’re ready to unveil their prices and US availability this time. Samsung has released three tablets on the inauguration of

Huawei Mediapad 10 Link Tablet Hits Stores for Rs. 24,990

Huawei has unveiled another 10.1 inch tablet naming it by Huawei Mediapad 10 link. It’s out in the retailing stores for Rs. 24,990. Although, Huawei is far behind the top tablet makers like Samsung, Apple etc. but the specs they’re using on this one seems to be

The Cell Phone Monitoring Software Exceeding Expectations

When we want to invest our hard-earned money somewhere, we want the most lucrative of the opportunities. And when parents or employees want to invest in some cell phone monitoring software, they want no hassle and maximum returns. This review will explore the software that has far exceeded

Surprises from Apple- iPhone 4 16GB is Reintroduced

Apple suddenly took its poll to iPhone 4 in India. Apple has reopened the box of surprises that were waiting for the fans of iPhone 4. Now, it’s the 16 GB version is available in India and it’s Rs. 31,800 as multiple sources. During the launch of

Google’s New Smartphone Moto X Specs Leaked – Android 4.2.2 and 2 GB RAM

Google now has a good standing in the smartphone market. Starting with a Nexus device from Samsung few years back and till the LG Nexus 4, they have received applause and praises from all those who are Android fans, and greeted for their innovativeness. And since this

Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone

iPhone has received the attention that it required from Microsoft Office. It’s the first time that Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone with its mass software platform.  We’ve seen Quick Office do the job of Office files. Now, Microsoft office is coming on iPhone with mass support

Apple Announces iOS 7: Complete New Look, Siri, Improved Multitasking and More

Apple has made the announcement about the next iOS, it has unveiled the developer preview of iOS 7. Apple has recently updated its Mac OS X and now it brings the updated iOS 7. The new iOS 7 comes with a complete new design, improved apps and