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Toshiba released a printer that erase the printed text

Japanese company Toshiba Tec released a printer based on FriXion Ball pen technology, allows you to erase the printed text. On the development of the device was reported in the spring of 2012. It uses technology similar to that which applies in a special gel-filled ball point pens,

Biotechnologists developed MicroChip Device to capture cancer cells

U.S. Scientists have created MicroChip to capture cancer cells of blood and calculate their number. The MicroChip device is developed by a U.S. based Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s research team, could find broad therapeutic and diagnostic uses in the detection of rare types of cells like foetal, cancer cells, also viruses

Google launched a Gigabit Internet for $70 a month

After about four months after the announcement, Google began to connect subscribers to its Gigabit Internet (high-speed access to the internet). The lucky residents of Kansas City, need to pay $70 a month for Gigabit Internet and 1 TB cloud storage. In the $120 cost, user will get Gigabit Internet access

How 4G and the Cloud will Revolutionise Your Digital Life

The 4G revolution has arrived, and with it comes drastically quicker mobile data speeds that could potentially revolutionize mobile computing for the better. Increased data speeds will allow for new technologies such as video chatting and cloud computing to flourish, making our Smartphone and tablet devices more

How to Deal with iPhone Glass Crack and Dock Connector Problems

In today’s modern world, iPhones have turned out to be so popular that you can find many people in large cities owning one. But, these gadgets are so fragile that they are prone to breakage even with the lightest drop-down. And this is the reason that iPhone

Android: Every fourth app is a security risk – shocking result

There are the problems of an open source platform. Under the ever-growing popularity of the Google mobile operating system at the same time increasing the security risk, which is difficult to get a grip. New studies now show on significant safety deficiencies in a variety of applications available in

JAM with Chrome: Make online music session with friends

Jam with Chrome goes to show what is in the browser without Flash and with Webkit, HTML5 and JavaScript, anything is possible. The Chrome Experiment is accessible to all, as I see, Google account necessary. JAM with Chrome is based on Apple’s GarageBand and allows you to create music

SSL or VPN for Usenet Browsing

  One of the first decisions someone has to make when using Usenet is what type of connection they want.  While there are a number of services still offering unencrypted connections, SSL is included with quality Usenet services.  The big question new users should use an SSL

How Colocation Facilities Provide Continuous Server Uptime

Most of today’s businesses cannot function without a proper IT infrastructure. It is the backbone of daily business operations. Therefore, constant network connectivity with Continuous Server Uptime is something that is simply a necessity. In-house data centers often cannot guarantee such reliability. Usually, companies that have in-house IT