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Google Ears – a competitor to Shazam and Soundhound

A nice innovation from Google comes out on the latest platform Android Jelly Bean  4.1  in the form of Google Ears : a program that can recognize the music and display the info with song name, author etc. The idea is not new – surely you know about the application  Shazam  and SoundHound , which works

UC Browser 2.2 for WP : First Browser Enables You to Get Downloads out of Windows Phone

When you google “how to transfer files from Windows Phone to PC”, you can find many complaints. Most WP users have encountered such a problem: They can’t transfer their downloads from smartphone to PC. Most files achieved from alternative apps, generally, can’t be read in PC with usual USB sync or

Point Gray introduced 4K resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam

Today it is easier to find a decent web camera with a resolution of 1080p, rather than 4000 pixels camera. Canadian company, Point Grey released 4K resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam which can record video in standard 4K resolution (4096 × 2160 or 8,800,000 pixels), transferring data via USB 3.0.

How to use Google Maps in Offline mode with Android

Like Nokia’s offline navigation in Nokia Maps, users of Android smartphones can use Google Maps in Offline mode i.e without having an internet connection. Here you can read the procedure on how it works. If you have not installed Google Maps in your Android smartphone, you can download it

Puddle THD – Liquid Puzzle Game for Android Tegra 3 Devices

Puddle THD Lite the game for Android by Neko Entertainment is now available for download in the Google play Store. Puddle THD Lite is only applicable for NVIDIA Tegra 3 Powered Devices. The developers of this game Neko Entertainment, developed this game to users with extensive use of an accelerometer

How to optimize PDF files

PDF files are especially good when it comes to send a large documents to read. Unfortunately inflate various elements of a PDF file unnecessarily.There are various softwares are available by which you can optimize PDF files. Make sure that you include a digital photo which size should be