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Napster founders launches ‘Airtime’ the first live video chat network

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning the founder of popular music sharing site Napster, yesterday launches the first live video chat network site called Airtime. Airtime is video chat network connected via social networking site facebook, With Airtime facebook users can video chat with their facebook friends and friends they wanted to know.

Gameloft released video of asphalt 7 Heat and The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft yesterday released video trailer of asphalt 7 Heat and The Amazing Spider-Man games. The Amazing Spider-Man will be available to download from beginning of next month. asphalt 7 Heat video trailer: In addition to the Amazing Spider-Man, there will be another version of the successful series of Gameloft Asphalt. Already

Samsung Cloud Gaming Service for Smart TV

If you are thinking that Samsung has nothing to do with video games, then you are mistaken. The South Korean company Samsung electronics has presented its own cloud-gaming service, which was named Samsung Cloud Gaming Service for its Smart TV.   The Samsung Cloud Gaming Service was developed

The Amazing Spider-Man soon in Google Play

The Amazing Spider-Man soon the game will be available to download from Google Play Store for Android. Company Gameloft has received permission to develop a new game about the adventures of Spider Man, the game will be released on mobile devices and will be available to download from beginning of

Corning launches Willow Glass : Paper sized Glass

The company Corning introduced a new ultra-thin glass called Willow Glass “Glass willow”, glass thickness is just 100 m. Glass has unprecedented flexibility and is designed primarily for LCD-and OLED- displays. Because of ultra thin and flexible nature of this glass, the devices made with Willow Glass, could be lighter and more flexible . It also means that

Angel Pad Tablet world’s cheapest tablet at 40$ Or Scam

What will be your answer if someone ask you which is world’s cheapest tablet? Probably most of you will say India’s 35$  Aakash Tablet. But have you ever heard tablet named Angel Pad worth 40$? Angel Pad world’s cheapest tablet at 40$ Or Scam?  Angel Pad is world’s cheapest

Acer introduces Aspire 7600U and Aspire 5600U Windows 8 PC

At Computex Taipei 2012 Acer announced Aspire 7600U and Aspire 5600U, two new all-in-one PC created specifically for the Windows 8 operating system. Both are family of Aspire U series : Aspire 7600U with a 27-inch screen and Aspire 5600U with a screen size of 23 inches. The 7600U has a

Sony introduced wireless headset Pulse – Elite Edition

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced a new wireless headset Pulse – Elite Edition, which will take place on public display at the exhibition E3.  We are talking about headphones Wireless Stereo Headset Pulse – Elite Edition , which are perceived as the successor to last year’s official wireless

Why do people refuse to Android: 5 Reasons

  I must say that I am an ardent fan of Android and almost everything connected with it. I like the idea behind the operating system open source, as well as the extent to which it has ample opportunities. But some properties of the Android irritate and

How to install Android applications from Google Play

[box_light]Install applications directly from Google Play inbuilt application[/box_light] The easiest, fastest and most convenient way of installing Android applications on your device – the official Google Play store. Google Play icon can be found preinstalled on any Android-device. Google Play previously known as Android Market but in