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Sort Posts by: in the list of malware sites? : flagged by Google one of the popular site for live broadcasting has been flagged by Google. While visiting Google shows Malware   warning – visiting this site may harm your computer! Well after visiting the site and browse through lots of pages i unable to find any suspicious activity in

How To Delete or Deactivate Pinterest Account

You are not interested in Pinterest any more? Or just wanted to deactivate your secondary Pinterest account? Whatever your reason for deactivating pinterest account, you can do it in just few easy steps. To deactivate Pinterest account, first login to your account. After succesful login you can

Microsoft Windows 8 – a rich multimedia platform

Microsoft says, their upcoming OS Windows 8 will feature enhanced connectivity capabilities, better skills, social networking and support for exciting new applications and with various multimedia features. Microsoft designed new platform Windows 8 for a new range of laptops, it was natural that also offer great entertainment capabilities, regardless

Blocks Breaker Machine – free android game

Have ever played fireball? Blocks Breaker Machine look very similar to old classic game fireball. Blasting Machine, Bouncing the ball on the paddle appeared in games from the beginning of their existence, and the Arkanoid game is one of varieties.   Blocks Breaker Machine is the next variety

[Computex 2012] AMD shows a compact nettop LifeBox

At Computex 2012 exhibition in Taipei, AMD demonstrated a new nettop LifeBox, which is perfect for office or as a home entertainment center. The AMD Lifebox is an compact PC aka nettop which does not need to install it on the table, it is directly connected to

Pacman PAC-CHOMP the best classic game on Android

Pacman the game created history and entertained all is available on Android in form of PAC-CHOMP. PAC-CHOMP for Android  is a simple puzzle game and moving pacman is your key to high score. There are three game modes 1. NORMAL, 2.HARD CORE and 3.SCRAMBLE, In Normal mode you need to eliminate pesky

Haier Zing: waterproof smartphone with Alibaba Aliyun OS

The Chinese company, Haier , a well-known manufacturer of various household appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, home theaters, introduced a smartphone Zing. Haier Zing is equipped with the case of high strength, which is shock proof and waterproof i.e it can even swim freely in the aquarium. The Haier Zing works under the

YouTube to live broadcast Olympics 2012 in 64 countries of Asia

YouTube has announced that they will cooperate with the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to broadcast 2200 hours of videos of the London Olympics 2012 on its channels in 64 countries in Asia and Africa. NBC is gearing up for the London Olympics 2012 by using Microsoft’s Silverlight HD video player plugin for YouTube.

06/06/2012: IPv6 day, 340 billion new IP address

Yesterday, 6/6, appears to be a normal day just like any other. However, for those who regularly use online Internet , it also has a very special meaning. 06/06/2012 is the day that all Internet service providers, web company to network and device manufacturers worldwide official connection

CompuLab starts selling nettop Intense PC

The Israel based company CompuLab which is A leading manufacturer of innovative energy efficient computers, recently released its first compact computer Intense PC. Nettop Intense PC is based on the Intel’s new processors Ivy Bridge with a passive cooling system. Dimensions of the Intense PC – just 19 cm x