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How To Add Google Search Box In Google Chrome

For some reason do you want to have Google search box in Google Chrome browser and wanted to search the old way? Then you are at right place. Why use Google search box anyway when we can search right from main address bar (omnibox) which does the same

USPS stops shipping electronics with lithium batteries

According to Western sources, since May 7, the U.S. Postal Service USPS stops to send and receive electronics, which has a lithium battery. It mainly impacts on iPhone, iPad, Kindle , laptops and other mobile phones. According to the regulations of various international organizations including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Universal

How to take better pictures from Phone

Today, most of the phones are coming with camera, but the performance on these can be very sad to some great cameras out there but what happens if you have a regular phone with regular camera, but need to take a clearer picture, sharper picture than this

How To Monitor Website 24×7 With Free Website Monitoring Tools

Every webmaster or website owner always wanted to have stable and smooth performance of their website without any downtime, specially when your website is your main source of income. To monitor website there are lots of website monitoring services available on web which helps you to monitor