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Google Nexus tablet: first look

The site has published an image of upcoming Google Nexus tablet. For several months, subject exit the tablet has attracted the attention of: information about the possible cost, the expected specifications and the manufacturer is changing rapidly. On the eve of the official release, which is

Intel announced SSD 330 Series

The network appeared hardware specifications and the cost of SSDs Intel SSD 330. Drives based on the basis of 25-nanometer NAND flash chip architecture MLC (multi level cell) and equipped with SATA 6 Gb / s. The line includes SSD’s of capacities of 60, 120 and 180 GB respectively.

Sony preparing new video service for Playstation 3

This week, Jeff Rubenstein, senior manager of social media through the PlayStation Blogcast announced that Sony is currently working on a new video service for Playstation 3. During his speech, Rubinstein hinted that the company will soon announce “a new classroom video service” for the PlayStation 3 .   “It’s really cool.

NOKIA Patents a Flexible Nanomobiles

Nokia has filed a new a patent application in U.S. Patent Office on a special flexible technology transforming mobile phones. As analysts, the device resembles presented by Nokia in 2008 the concept of Morph, which is also supposed to apply to the development of nanotechnology and transparent electronics. However, over