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MWC 2012: Opera Released a Test Version Of Mobile Browser Opera Mini 7 Next

At the MWC 2012 opera software introduced not only Opera Mobile 12, but the next version of Opera Mini. New under the “intriguing” name 7 Next Opera Mini is a test version of the mobile browser. As the developers, by analogy with the development of a desktop version of the browser,

Asus Padfone Three In One : Laptop, Phone, Tablet

On the Internet a long time there were rumors about another unusual device from Asus , they later confirmed. And here at the MWC 2012 the mysterious Asus padfone fell into our hands. The device combines the functionality of three form factors: a smartphone, tablet and netbook. The main link Asus padfone an Android smartphone with a

Rovio Announced New Game Angry Birds Space

Rovio company announced a new game from the series Angry Birds, which is due out on March 22, company officials said on Friday in his Twitter-blog. The new game will be called Angry Birds Space. According to developers, it will be a completely new game with new