Several of the most interesting and important facts about social network in 2012, which will help companies to develop a successful marketing strategy for brand promotion in 2013.

social network

New Year 2013 is near, that’s why leading marketers and advertisers remember last year for facts about social network. Many experts shared their thoughts on what to expect in 2013. A world of information technology and social network has given a huge opportunity to advertising agencies and marketers.

Below, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most important facts and statistics that are useful, according to Western experts, in the next year 2013 in the development of social brand strategy. Each of the facts proved the benefits of social platforms, and also helps to understand the need to pay attention to when developing a successful brand strategy in social network. Social network provides a link between consumers and brands. Potential consumers want and are willing to communicate with brands through networks and services. Like’s, Retweets, transitions to the websites of retailers and distribution of brand content to the users of a platform helping companies to find their prospective audience. Particularly effective, this approach gets when the brand affects the interests of the users when they are close in spirit and speak the same language. That is why companies are increasingly using internal resources to develop content that can promote brand interaction with their fans on a more qualitative level.

  1. By the end of the year more than 60% of the Fortune 500 are going to focus your marketing efforts on attracting customers as compared to 20% in Q4 2011.
  2. Each quarter, brands receives about 1,985,500 responses from users from all social channels.
  3. Brands employ on average 29 employees to advance in social network.
  4. 17% of clients used the social network and services to find Consumer reviews of a particular company.
  5. If a brand page on the social network contains an image or any other visual element, the number of hits it increases by 94%. Hence there is an increase of conversions. Brands mainly use social platform for communication with customers , advertising their products and services, increase awareness, and to increase sales.
  6. 34% of online business owners attract customers through Twitter.
  7. Pinterest Consumers spend 70% more money to buy goods than social channel’s consumers.
  8. LinkedIn is 277% more effective in terms of lead generation than other social networks. Social network users share content from the pages of the brand, recommendations, and reviews. They naturally spread information about the company, attracting new clients from networks and services.
  9. 69% of brands in Twitter followers comes from the pages of friends.
  10. 23% of Facebook users check their accounts online from 5 times a day or more.
  11. 80% of users of social network prefer to communicate with brands through Facebook.
  12. 38% of consumers say they watch brand in social networks or through discount coupons and discounts, while 36% of users are looking for information on new products and sales.

What is your opinion of the above facts? By how much, in your opinion, they are applicable to Runet audience? We will be glad if you share with us in the comments below.