Yesterday, 6/6, appears to be a normal day just like any other. However, for those who regularly use online Internet , it also has a very special meaning.

06/06/2012 is the day that all Internet service providers, web company to network and device manufacturers worldwide official connection protocols enabled IPv6 for their products and services. Internet Protocol address, or better known under the name IP address , a sequence identifier codes to distinguish the devices connected to the Internet.

Popular current protocol is IPv4 , with about 4.3 billion IP addresses being used. However, due to the explosion of the Internet, IPv4 address warehouse was quickly used up more than a year ago, according to the Commission’s distribution of Internet addresses (IANA). Therefore, IPv6 was born, bringing the total number of IP addresses on the global information on the number 340 billion billion billion billion. . . .

The introduction of IPv6 into use does not mean that all equipment will immediately be upgraded to IPv6. Some devices such as modem, router and computers may need to run software updates, or even upgrade manually, depending on age of the machine. Benefits of IPv6 over IPv4 is not only increased the number of addresses, but also address how the distribution and recovery when network connectivity changes, in addition to the handling of MAC addresses on each device.

Here is a short video clip of Google describes quite detailed about IPv6.