Boomers are always quick to complain about technology and the gaming industry. And it’s always the same stuff, how it’s corrupting kids and whatnot. When actually, researchers concluded something different. And today, we will be talking about what the research has concluded regarding the benefits of a healthy amount of time spent on games and technology for your people. If you’re interested in that, then stick around

There has been a study at the University of Rochester where they separated people into two groups. One played  slow-paced video games, while the other played the opposite type. Even though guys who played slow-paced games did not really develop any new skills or received new benefits, they had their fun. But the group of people that played action games and fast-paced games in general did notice a couple of differences. Their response times and reflexes got way better and quicker. And when the University of Rochester gathered the group once again a couple of months later, they realized some things. Not only did the fast-paced group develop new skills, but those same skills and reflexes stuck around with them. So even though some people love to claim that games are corrupting your peoples minds, it is, in fact, simply not true. It’s better to play a good round of games than it is to watch Top Porn Sites.

And the technology industry has helped so many people. Aside from employing hundred thousands of them to do IT jobs on high positions, the industry also achieved something that seemed so impossible just twenty years ago. It helped people from all over the world communicate, and it also helped them educate themselves. The internet is a weird place, full of bad stuff too, yes. Like, if you’re searching up a Porn Search Engine, then you’re wasting your time on the internet. But, if you look up something you’re interested in and passionate about, then you can achieve great things. With many useful tutorials, people all over the world have become experts on numerous subjects, and thanks to that, some of them even made a living. Not to mentioned Youtube, which employed various entertainers who would probably never even think to go to Hollywood or film industry in general. All in all, if you combine everything that the technology industry has done for this world, you will see that it is not that bad. The future may seem odd, but it does have its bright points, and that is simply something that you have to admit. Also, search engines like Google and Bing helped kids with their school homework when their parents were unable to because of their work. So even where the system fails, the internet jumped in to save the day. So, to cut it short, the internet is not a bad thing, and people are always so quick to jump and judge everything that is new, and until we can move forward from that mentality, we will never truly advance.