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The 10 most expensive domain names in 2012

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How much money do you spend to buy a domain? For example, prices of «.com» domains vary from $10 to $15. But, it is “penny” in comparison with, for how much to sell some domain names. I offer you a list of the 10 most expensive domain names in 2012 deals. I promise you will be very surprised at how much you can make money on it.

10 most expensive domains

10. 60.com was sold for $310,000.

Owner: Wenjing


9. BJ.com gone to a new owner for $325,000.

Owner: Finlead AG


8 VI.com cost $325,000.

Owner: Josh Sackman


7. Giftbasket.com just $350,000.

Owner: Gabby Investments


6. Jackpot.com – beautiful domain, cost $500,000

Owner: Palek International Ltd


5. Challenge.com also quite good, cost $500,000

Owner: Private (N/A)


4.WebHosting.co.uk was bought for $500,000

Owner: Pawel Ciszewski


3.FreeWebsite.com – another deal for $500,000

Owner: Freewebsite, LLC


2. PersonalLoans.com – cost $1,000,000

Owner: Private (N/A)


1.Investing.com champion this year, Fusion Media Limited spent $2,450,000. Are you


Owner: Fusion Media Limited



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