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12 facts about social network, which will be useful in 2013

Several of the most interesting and important facts about social network in 2012, which will help companies to develop a successful marketing strategy for brand promotion in 2013. New Year 2013 is near, that’s why leading marketers and advertisers remember last year for facts about social network.

YouTube added 6 new languages ​​to the automatic subtitles

Video sharing service YouTube has increased the number of supported languages to 10 automatic subtitles, by adding 6 new European languages. On Wednesday, November 28 video sharing service YouTube has announced a to expand the permissible language for automatic subtitle placed rollers via developer blog. Initially this functionality was only

YouTube to live broadcast Olympics 2012 in 64 countries of Asia

YouTube has announced that they will cooperate with the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to broadcast 2200 hours of videos of the London Olympics 2012 on its channels in 64 countries in Asia and Africa. NBC is gearing up for the London Olympics 2012 by using Microsoft’s Silverlight HD video player plugin for YouTube.