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Microsoft offers Office 2013 as an free upgrade to Office 2010

Microsoft continues to attract user’s various proposals aimed at the promotion and popularization of the new operating system Windows 8 and software Office 2013 for it. Microsoft Office 2013 will be officially available in the 1st quarter of 2013. Under the terms of the new shares, those who purchase

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 final version outs [Video]

Microsoft, in strict accordance with the previously announced schedule releases, today released the final version of the server operating system, Windows Server 2012 – the first OS family of Windows, that can be operated on 100% from the command line, which makes it more suitable for use

ABBYY FineReader Touch for Microsoft Windows 8

ABBYY Software announces the release of a beta version of an online application ABBYY FineReader Touch for Microsoft ® Windows 8. The program is integrated with ABBYY FineReader Online service allows you to transfer images and documents into editable electronic format with a search (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.). At the moment,

Microsoft Windows 8 – a rich multimedia platform

Microsoft says, their upcoming OS Windows 8 will feature enhanced connectivity capabilities, better skills, social networking and support for exciting new applications and with various multimedia features. Microsoft designed new platform Windows 8 for a new range of laptops, it was natural that also offer great entertainment capabilities, regardless

Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview

As promised, the release of the latest operating system Windows 8 is held in the first week of June. Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for download. As with the previous version of the Microsoft platform offers the user to download a Windows 8 Upgrade