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Android: Every fourth app is a security risk – shocking result

There are the problems of an open source platform. Under the ever-growing popularity of the Google mobile operating system at the same time increasing the security risk, which is difficult to get a grip. New studies now show on significant safety deficiencies in a variety of applications available in

Pinnatta app, send Live Messages to Friends and Loved Ones

It was formerly known as, while the application was in beta and now Pinnatta app is widely available on leading platforms, including iOS and Android. Pinnatta app brings an interesting way to give a completely different aspect of communication via message, and here you can send much

6 in 1 children games for ios : Best free children games

6 in 1 children games by PopAppFactory is very good free of cost games on ios platform specially for children’s. The main advantage of a 6 in 1 children games is that despite some of the limitations in the proposed game, it is an excellent free book that is