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Intel announced next generation processors Xeon Phi

Intel Corporation today introduced a new family of high-performance processors called Xeon Phi, which are specially optimized for Supercomputers. Intel’s new chips Xeon Phi will release later this year and the first in this family of processors will be known as the Knights Korner. These chips are targeted

Intel officially announced Ivy Bridge processors

Intel , the leading manufacturer of microprocessors in the world, today announced the first wave of next-generation chip, code-named Ivy Bridge . In the first batch included 13 quad core chips clocked at rates 22-nanometer manufactured by the process of three-dimensional transistor Tri-Gate. Ivy Bridge processors were distributed

Intel announced SSD 330 Series

The network appeared hardware specifications and the cost of SSDs Intel SSD 330. Drives based on the basis of 25-nanometer NAND flash chip architecture MLC (multi level cell) and equipped with SATA 6 Gb / s. The line includes SSD’s of capacities of 60, 120 and 180 GB respectively.

New ASUS Zenbook UX32 with Intel Ivy Bridge processor

In addition to models Zenbook UX31A and UX21A Intel Ivy Bridge, the Taiwanese company ASUS plans to launch a new model of low cost ultrabook , Zenbook UX32. The new Asus Zenbook  UX32 comes up with a screen of 13.3 inches and integrate Intel Ivy Bridge processor which runs on  Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) on Intel Chief