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Top 21 predictions about Google for 2013

In addition to the annual review, it is actually already in our tradition that at the end of the year to set up more or less serious predictions about Google for the next year. Today, here I am going to present the Top 21 predictions about Google for 2013.

YouTube added 6 new languages ​​to the automatic subtitles

Video sharing service YouTube has increased the number of supported languages to 10 automatic subtitles, by adding 6 new European languages. On Wednesday, November 28 video sharing service YouTube has announced a to expand the permissible language for automatic subtitle placed rollers via developer blog. Initially this functionality was only

How to send attachments up to 10 GB with Gmail

Gmail makes possible to send documents/files by email up to 10 GB: Attachment must be hosted on Google Drive. The Gmail team has announced that it is now possible to attach documents/files to an email of any size – almost. You can actually attach a document that is

Google launched a Gigabit Internet for $70 a month

After about four months after the announcement, Google began to connect subscribers to its Gigabit Internet (high-speed access to the internet). The lucky residents of Kansas City, need to pay $70 a month for Gigabit Internet and 1 TB cloud storage. In the $120 cost, user will get Gigabit Internet access

Google Nexus 10 details leaked on photo

Officially unannounced Google Nexus 10 details picture appeared on the photo sharing service Picasa. The proof is the EXIF data, which contain the model and manufacturer of the camera. The quality of the picture is poor: You can see that it is made on the fly, as the picture is blurred, there

How to connect USB flash drives to Nexus 7

One of the main disadvantages of Google Nexus 7 tablet – is it has no microSD card slot. There are many HD-video and some games and apps having size of 4 GB or more, so you may face the memory space problem, and the problem is very serious especially for

Why do Nexus 7 tablet doesn’t have memory card slot?

Before the release of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC we discussed its full advantage and disadvantages. Perhaps the main argument by critics about device – a lack of support for memory cards, but the reason Nexus 7 was left without a memory card slot is very complicated. Dan

How to install Google Now without Jelly Bean

Featured Voice Assistant Google Now , which appeared in the recently introduced version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, probably caused many of the desire to quickly update to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. We are all aware that we have to wait and wait for

How to create Google Chrome backup of settings, bookmarks

You want to play it safe and save current settings and created Chrome bookmarks? As you can easily create a backup, how? you can read here. Step 1 First you must download the Google Chrome Backup program which creates the backup of user settings and bookmarks. You can download

How to use Google Maps in Offline mode with Android

Like Nokia’s offline navigation in Nokia Maps, users of Android smartphones can use Google Maps in Offline mode i.e without having an internet connection. Here you can read the procedure on how it works. If you have not installed Google Maps in your Android smartphone, you can download it