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How To Back up your Gmail Account with Google Drive

With technology compounding and the ability to work anywhere in the world increasing, web-based applications such as Gmail offer convenient bases from which to centralize your correspondence and documents. Gmail offers all of the basic administrative functions of desktop organization programs, as well as document and spreadsheet

How to send attachments up to 10 GB with Gmail

Gmail makes possible to send documents/files by email up to 10 GB: Attachment must be hosted on Google Drive. The Gmail team has announced that it is now possible to attach documents/files to an email of any size – almost. You can actually attach a document that is

How To Upload To Dropbox, Google Drive From Windows “Send to” Menu

To synchronize files or folders with a cloud service, Dropbox, or Google Drive  has become a popular application. Of course, you can  upload files with drag and drop, but for Windows users it is much easier and less complicated the “Send to” method when you right-click on the