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12 facts about social network, which will be useful in 2013

Several of the most interesting and important facts about social network in 2012, which will help companies to develop a successful marketing strategy for brand promotion in 2013. New Year 2013 is near, that’s why leading marketers and advertisers remember last year for facts about social network.

Share Facebook photos via mail : a New feature coming soon

Soon Facebook will have a new feature: it will be possible to Share Facebook photos via mail. At the moment service is under development and is only available to testers, but soon anyone will be able to send a postcard with a photograph to a friend via mail services.

Google Plus Vs Facebook Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic about Google plus vs Facebook recently published by U.S. software company Pardot on their blog. Infographic show the main differences between Google + and Facebook in term of user base, interests of users, gender. Preliminary interim result is clear : Facebok is more stable and balanced than Google + in terms of gender

Facebook Messenger 1.7 Updated On ios, Android : New features added

Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android has been updated to version 1.7 and is now available to all. With new updated version there are some really unbelievably great features added in messenger. There are some new features added such as free SMS messages to friends, and various bug fixes . What’s

How inflated Facebook and Zynga?

  In the past year from the econophysics Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have carefully studied the possible value of the stock corporation Facebook, which estimated in the $ 65-100 billion According to them, it’s complete nonsense, considering how much money the company can squeeze out of the 750 million users