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How to transfer iTunes library to another drive

Sometimes you need to transfer iTunes library to another drive. For example, if your new computer is having a 128 GB SSD, and the old computer has a terabyte hard drive and 100 GB of music.               Here I am going to

Apple iPhone 5 Pros and Cons

As we expected, On September 12th American giant Apple launched a sixth version of its iPhone Smartphone named as iPhone 5 in which we have observed some major as well as some minor updates in different factors but what type of changes Apple brings with its new iPhone 5?

Wait is over – The Next Generation iPhone 5 images are here

  In fact, all more or less important data about the alleged iPhone 5 images fell out on the internet even very before the release day. Here are the leaked pictures of the front and back panels of this mysterious device iPhone 5, whether it is really

Samsung vs. Apple: an end to wars around the Slide2Unlock?

  Today, Samsung has gained a small but important victory in its dispute with Apple about a patent for technology to unlock the device using a virtual runner Slide2Unlock . District Court for the German city of Mannheim postponed a decision in the patent litigation between the

What is Retina Display?

Now everyone is talking about Retina display, worrying about the fact that they can not appear in the Mac, and looking forward to their appearance in the iPad 3 . There is an idea expressed by the developer Bjango Mark Edwards (Marc Edwards) on Twitter: “The number