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What Can We Expect From the 4G vs. 5G Dynamic?

The future holds so much promise. For many, it is not simply about the promise of better things to come, but the limitless potential of being able to do positive things. For those who view the future with nothing but optimism, it is certainly great for them

Speedy, affordable and efficient – 4G from vividwireless

What is 4G? 4G represents the fourth generation of mobile phone technology and follows directly on from 3G. 4G provides broadband access and one of its biggest draws is the significant speeds that it can achieve. 4G is five times fast than the previous 3G and as

How 4G and the Cloud will Revolutionise Your Digital Life

The 4G revolution has arrived, and with it comes drastically quicker mobile data speeds that could potentially revolutionize mobile computing for the better. Increased data speeds will allow for new technologies such as video chatting and cloud computing to flourish, making our Smartphone and tablet devices more