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India now bans Proxy Sites after The Pirate Bay and Vimeo

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The Indian governments and court recently ordered ISPs to block several torrent site, file sharing sites and popular video sharing site vimeo. Now in addition to these blocked sites indian ISPs now blocking proxy sites. Proxy site like kproxy.com now has been blocked by some Indian ISP ‘s like Airtel, Reliance, and Idea cellular.

Proxy Sites

Proxy sites allows user to surf the web anonymously and masking their internet identity, Proxy sites also unblocks those sites which are blocked or restricted by service provider. It seems Indian Government is in no mood to allow internet users to surf blocked websites via proxy sites, that’s why they are also being blocked so user cannot access blocked sites in any condition. Indian ISPs already blocked sites like The Pirate Bay, Songs.pk, 123musiq.com and vimeo.com, we have spotted only kproxy.com being blocked by some indian ISP’s and other proxy are sites still working. Unblocking of Vimeo,The pirate bay or any other site is very easy with proxy sites.

How to Unblock Vimeo, The pirate bay? 


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