Whether you’re a PC player, a console fanatic or a mobile junkie, gaming has never been easier. We can now enjoy innovative technology from the comfort of our living rooms, while keeping a vast library of app titles at our fingertips. Even gadgets are evolving to make the gaming platform more interesting and immersive.

Here are just some technological inventions that are changing the game.

Leap Motion Controller

img6This small USB accessory can make a big difference to PC gamers. Compatible with Window PCs and Macs, the Leap Motion Controller is just a small insight into the potential future of computer interfacing. Although it is not exclusively for use in games, the detection and gesture recognition creates a playing experience unlike any other. So whether you’re exploring the world of WOW or earning some free casino money on Free Bets, the control will be in your hands.

Stratus SteelSeries Wireless Controller

img5This handy little gadget is not only the first ever controller to work wirelessly with iOS 7 devices, but it also connects to PC and Macs too. Packing a massive 10-hour battery life punch and sporting a familiar and comfortable design, the SteelSeries is the only gamepad you’ll need at home or on the go. Not to mention, it supports up to four players simultaneously, meaning you can take on your pals head to head.

Polk Audio 4 Shot Headset

img3The newly released Polk Audio 4 Shot Headset delivers incredible audio to allow full immersion in your favourite game titles. It is the first Xbox One compatible headset, and was designed in collaboration with Microsoft Studios and creators of Halo, Turn 10 Studios. Polk boasts four decades of sound, engineering and design expertise, and this newest addition to their product line is the ultimate culmination of their excellence.

Logitech G19s gaming keyboard


Serious PC gamers will appreciate the importance of a quality gaming keyboard. The Logitech G19s is well worth the investment. With 12 programmable keys and 36 different functions, it is the ultimate customisable device. Along with two USB ports, the keyboard also features a display to allow you to track all your vital gaming stats, whether you’re in the game or not.

Oculus Rift

img1Although it has yet to hit the consumer shelves, the Oculus Rift promises to completely shake up gaming, across the mobile, console and PC platforms. Pioneering virtual reality technology, the headset allows its users to step inside their game and explore the landscape with the crisp, 3D wraparound display. With advanced camera-tracking and reduced motion blur, the Oculus Rift is making major leaps and is expected to hit the consumer shelves around the end of this year.